politica medioambiental

Our environmental policy at your service

Marina Port de Mallorca’s team continually strives to improve its management of the environment and to this end conducts numerous activities geared towards this goal, which include the following

Nuestra política medioambiental a su servicio
  • Marina Port de Mallorca has different selective refuse points where you can deposit your waste. These points are clearly marked.
  • There is also a collection point for hazardous and polluting waste (engine oils, filters, cloths, batteries, contaminating cans, paints, etc.).
  • We have recycling bags available for you that we hand out freely to help you separate glass, paper and organic waste.
  • Our marina is equipped to optimise water and electricity consumption, thanks to the complete overhaul of the equipment and facilities with a system of automated presence detection and use of cutting-edge technology.
  • We are registered on the Carbon Footprint registry in order to ascertain ours, endeavouring to reduce our gas and carbon dioxide emissions
  • In order to encourage our users to work towards good environmental practices, we run two day-events a year to publicise ecological recommendations in a light-hearted and relaxed setting.
  • There are electric cycles available to clients for their trips around the city and that they can replace their cars with, thereby reducing the pollution index in the atmosphere.
  • The marina has signage throughout its facilities, encouraging the practice of habits aimed at the care of the environment.
  • Marina Port de Mallorca continuously carries out training and awareness sessions for its staff.
  • We periodically carry out environmental emergency drills to be prepared for urgent action, with continuous training in first aid and emergencies, with a professionally qualified team.
  • The team annually cleans the port’s water surface as a preventative measure to avoid contaminated waters. And we also carry out four environmental inspections over the year to prevent and reduce the occurrence of other external factors through water analyses on the port’s water surface.

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