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Commited to a sustainable environment

Marina Port de Mallorca, as well as having 100% sustainable facilities, conducts numerous targeted activities to enhance our clients’ awareness on the environmental impact of their behaviour, whether they be berthed in the port or sailing round our waters.

To this effect, it promotes annual environmental educational campaigns and services that are aimed at preventing, reducing or eliminating bad habits; optimising resources; incentivising the collaboration of everyone; and, ultimately, the enjoyment of these fantastic Balearic Islands in a sustainable way.

  • Take care of your boat. Keeping your boat in optimum condition with a clean hull will reduce fuel consumption.
  • Carry out regular checks on fuel tanks, hoses and connections to prevent polluting leakage into the sea.
  • Moderate your sailing speed: as well as saving fuel, you will also help care for the environment.
  • Do not keep engines running unnecessarily.
  • Do not anchor in protected zones or above Posidonia meadows. Respect marine flora and fauna on the sea’s surface and also the sea bed.
  • Be especially careful if you are sailing through the protected zone of Cabrera. Please respect the zones of restricted anchoring and look after our environment.
  • Discharging black/dirty or bilge water is prohibited in the port waters, in the Bay of Palma and in bays whilst anchored.
  • Allocate a specific place on board to keep your rubbish and deposit it every day in the containers when you reach port.
  • If you cannot locate the correct containers (paper, glass, organic, packaging, etc.), please ask our staff.
  • Waste oil, dirty waters and any other contaminating product should be kept on board until you can deposit it at the port facilities provided for this purpose. Contact our staff who will show you how to manage your waste.
  • The unloading of crumbled food remains is allowed only when the vessel is more than 12 miles from the coast.
  • Throwing plastics, packaging, containers, glass, oils, combustible waste, oily waters or those from hand washing, showers, toilets and galleys into the sea is prohibited.
  • Keep the surface of the water in the port clean, and do not throw any type of harmful product or substance onto it.
  • Use water guns when the hose is connected to the water supply point.
  • Do not leave the water valve open when you are cleaning your boat.
  • Use biodegradable soaps and detergents.
  • Check and repair connections so they do not leak.
  • Repair any holes in hoses.
  • Notify the dock staff if you detect any leak in the supply network.
  • It is better to shower than have a bath: this way, you will save a lot of water each time.
  • Turn off the tap while you are shaving or brushing your teeth.
  • If you wash up by hand, don’t leave the tap running.
  • Regulate the air-conditioning when it is very hot, without going below 26º.
  • Take advantage of the heat of the sun during the day and do not let the heating go above 21º during the night - only when it is cold.
  • Don’t leave your boat connected to the electrical power supply if you are absent.
  • Notify the dock staff for its connection and disconnection.

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